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University Committee on Undergraduate Education

 Draft Agenda

April 8, 2021

10:15am to 12:00pm, via ZOOM




Passcode: 849464



  1. Approval of the Agenda (Action Item)


  1. Approval of the March 25, 2021 UCUE Minutes (Action Item)
  1. Comments from the Chairperson


  1. Comments from the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education


  1. Request for a Moratorium on Admission to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Information (Action Item)

Ann Hoffman, Assistant Dean, College of Communication Arts & Sciences


  1. Moratorium Date Change and reinstatement of AFNRE Additional Endorsement (Action Item)

Mike Everett, Dept. of Community Sustainability, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


  1. Subcommittee Reports
    1. Code of Conduct for Academic Advising (Discussion Item)

Justin Micomonaco, Emily Tabuteau

b.       Non-Binary Grading (Discussion Item)

Jonelle Golding, Rich Bellon, Steve Shablin, and Helen Mayer


  1. Academic Dishonesty in the Remote Environment (Discussion Item)

David Gilstrap


  1. Request for a New Forestry Coordinate Major in Lyman Briggs College (Action Item)

Anne Slavin, Lyman Briggs


  1. Roundtable