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1999 - 09/02

UCAP Meeting of 09/02/99


agenda status: approved


    1. Approval of Agenda
    2. Approval of Minutes of the April 29, 1999 meeting ... UCAP April 29,1999 minutes.pdf
    3. Comments from the Chairpersons
    4. Comments from the Assistant Provost
    5. UCAP's charge and responsibilities ... UCAP
    6. Agenda development and preview
      (Committee members are invited to consult with faculty colleagues as to issues that should be brought to the committee and to recommend agenda items for consideration.)
    7. Roundtable discussion
    8. Adjourn

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 09/30/99

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 09/02/99

Approved 9/30/99
University Committee on Academic Policy
September 2, 1999

Present: J. Roy Black, Howard Bossen, Joe Chartkoff, George Cornell, Pat Edwards, Rachel Fisher, David Imig, Fred Jacobs, Gerald Osborn, Jon Sticklen, Jeanne Wald, Winston Wilkinson

Other: Barbara Steidle

1. Moved by Chartkoff; seconded. Agenda approved.

2. Minutes - Winston Wilkinson requested that actual names be incorporated into minutes instead of acronyms. Joe Chartkoff moved to accept amended minutes. Seconded and approved.

3. Barbara Steidle discussed responsibilities of committee under bylaws of Academic Governance (distributed at meeting ... UCAP).
    Barbara Steidle commented that committee has had good and active student participation. Students for the 1999-2000 academic year will be appointed soon.

4. Agenda Development and Preview
    This year subcommittees will be formed to address issues that the full committee needs to address. Jeanne Wald requested that committee members consider on which subcommittee they would like to serve.

        Provost Simon will talk with committee at an upcoming meeting. Joe Chartkoff’s report from the Wake Forest Conference was distributed to committee.
        Jon Sticklen requested Barbara Steidle to distribute relevant minutes from last year and the committee report to new members to bring them up to speed on this issue.
        Jon Sticklen and Jeanne Wald gave a brief summary of the reports and indicated the relevant issues are discussed in the report submitted by Joe Chartkoff.
        Barbara Steidle stated that the original idea was to make laptop access a requirement for all new students beginning in 2001, hence the need for the University to proceed with a decision.
        The Committee would like the Provost to respond to reports by the committee and requested that the meeting with the Provost be delayed
        until after 9/16.
      D. Grading Policy
        UCAP needs to review percentage of students graduating with honors or high honors--Question is something happening with grading; are we getting better students? Steidle will provide data for the committee.

      E. The MSU Promise

      F. SIRS (Student Instructional Rating System)--Deal with some set of public SIRS. Also need to look at faculty Work-life make recommendations to revise SIRS.
          Steidle noted that a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for all faculty University SIRS forms from Spring semester 1999 has been filed.

Jeanne Wald requested that people volunteer to serve on subcommittees.

      G. Issue--How to distinguish between collaborative learning and cheating—perhaps develop some guidelines.
        Monday, October 11, Lilly seminar---Seminar on Cooperative Learning and Cheating at Kellogg Center.

Joe Chartkoff raised a question as to the extent to which we have agreement with the value of undergraduate education as a stated objective vs. reality.

Fred Jacobs suggested we quickly address the SIRS review and suggests UCAP should take a lead in this issue. Fred volunteered to be on the SIRS subcommittee.

Pat Edwards--interested in grading policies and asked if post tenure review is part of this committee’s responsibility.

Barbara Steidle indicated that post tenure review is within the purview of University Committee on Faculty Affairs (UCFA) but suggested that UCAP may wish to address other means of evaluation of teaching that would add to the SIRS forms information.

Gerald Osborn said post tenure review should be data-based.

George Cornell indicated the Work-Life Report will be signed by the end of the month and said the committee did a good job of advocating positions with the president.

George Cornell also indicated his interest in the SIRS issue and cooperative/ collaborative learning debate--George volunteered to be on the SIRS Committee.

Web address for Work-Life Report --

Fred Jacobs moved to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard Bossen