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1999 - 11/11

UCAP Meeting of 11/11/99


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University Committee on Academic Policy

Meeting of Thursday, November 11, 1999
10:15 a.m., Board Room, Administration Building

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes of the October 28 meeting...

3. Comments from the Chairpersons

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost

5. Continuation of discussion: Student Laptop Computer Proposal

previously distributed...
(report from Nat Sci... )
(orig proposal from Provost...)
(Chartoff Report on natl conf concering the issue... )
(other incl UCAP 97-98 report ...)

    new material...
synopsis of meeting with Prof Hunt, Friday, Nov 4 ...

6. Discussion of SIRS Issues (materials previously distributed)
material previously distributed ...

7. Roundtable

Draft Minutes from Oct. 28 Meeting ...
Final Approved Copy of the College of Nursing
Student Performance Policy
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Please phone or E-Mail Robin Pline (353-5380; if you cannot be present.


minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 01/13/2000

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 11/11/99

Approved 1/13/00

University Committee on Academic Policy
November 11, 1999

Present: Kathryn Baker, Stephen Bentley, Roy Black, Eric Bonten, Joe Chartkoff, George Cornell, Fred Jacobs, Kurt Lausman, Tony Roath, Jon Sticklen, Winston Wilkinson,

Others: Barbara Steidle (Assistant Provost)

Jon Sticklen opened the meeting with a review of the minutes from the October 28, 1999 meeting. Fred Jacobs noted Item 5, with respect to Awards Recognition, was stated more “forcefully” than was intended. The minutes were corrected with a second on the motion by Winston Wilkinson. The motion passed.

Sticklen provided an awareness overview of the Faculty Work-Life committees discussions, including information currently available.

Barbara Steidle provided background on the “pipe bombs” that were discovered near student dorms.

Discussion on the student computer requirement issues continued from questions raised at the October 28, 1999 meeting with a focus on framing key issues which may not have been previously identified, but that would be crucial to implementation. The discussion of the need for a World Wide Web site that provided minimum specifications including how the specifications could vary by college, perhaps academic programs within colleges, was continued. Specifically,
      “The establishment of a web site for parents and prospective MSU students outlining policy, and what it directly means to them should be established. The web site might be augmented with an interactive recommendation section in which a user would list their demographics and desires for a computer, and a recommendation for purchase options would be output.”

The importance of focusing on pedagogical issues was also commented on by both student and faculty members of UCAP. The committee recommended that Joe Chartkoff’s subcommittee develop a “bullet list” of key considerations for further implementation items. The focus would be on intent not on micro-management; the committee, however, would like the opportunity to comment on the Web site as it would evolve.

UCAP student committee members reviewed ongoing discussions in their standing committees and provided recent recommendations that their committee had made.

Chartkoff raised the issue of the role of the University in providing technical support services both respect to hardware and software. Others asked and discussed how this is currently being handled for the 60% of the current student population who have computers. Would the requirement to have a computer reduce resources currently going into student labs? Would additional resources be available for hardware and software support?

Issues of special problems faced by international undergraduate students were raised. To some extent, these also hold for part-time domestic students and others who will not necessarily be at MSU for four years.

Winston Wilkinson made a motion that the following basic recommendation be forwarded to the Provost:
    1. UCAP supports the principle of ubiquitous computing.
    2. UCAP recommends that all students matriculating in Fall 2001 be required to possess an Internet-compatible computer.
    3. UCAP recommends that options for student financial support for computer purchases for students who might be affected by a requirement be described as soon as possible, especially in conjunction with a policy announcement establishing a requirement.
    4. UCAP recommends that a Web-site with information about basic specifications and options be created.
    UCAP respectfully requests the opportunity to review the web-site as it is developed. At a later time, the committee will forward to the Provost a set of longer-range comments on issues affecting teaching and learning in a ubiquitous computing environment. Any subsequent communication will not affect the basic recommendation submitted herein.

Joe Chartkoff seconded. The motion passed.

The concluding section of the meeting covered an introduction to SIRS forms issues.