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2003 - 09/25

UCAP Meeting of 09/25/2003


agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy

Meeting of Thursday, September 25, 2003
10:15 a.m., Board Room, Administration Building

1. Approval of Agenda (10:15)

2. Approval of Minutes of the September 11, 2003 meeting (10:20)........(Attachment)

3. Comments from the Chairperson (10:25)

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost (10:30)

5. Request for Moratorium on Admission to B.S. Degree in Geophysics (10:35)........(Attachment)

6. Request for General Requirement Change for All Bachelor’s Degree........(Attachment)
Programs in the School of Music (10:50)

7. Update from Academic Integrity Sub-Committee (11:35) Patricia Mullan........(Attachment)

8. Adjourn (12:00 noon)

Please phone or E-Mail Robin Pline (353-5380; if you cannot be present and send a substitute in your place.

Attachments: September 11, 2003 Draft Minutes
Moratorium in Geophysics Materials
General Requirement Change in School of Music Materials
Academic Integrity Sub-Committee Update Report (September 11, 2003)

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 10/23/2003

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 09/25/2003

Approved 10/23/03
University Committee on Academic Policy
September 25, 2003
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Henry Beckmeyer, Bridget Behe (Chair), Janet Bokemeier, Jeremy Hernandez, Jennifer Hodges, Tim Howes, Kyle Martin, Tom Morse, Patricia Mullan, Georgia Padonu, Helene Pazak (for Paul Coe), Rod Phillips, Jordan Robinson, Sharon Senk, Cynthia Taggart, Alexander von Eye, Maija Zile

Others Present: Assistant Provost June Pierce Youatt

Members Absent: Betty Cheng, Steve Dilley, Jim Gallagher, Folu Ogundimu

1. The Agenda was approved as presented.

2. The Minutes of the September 11, 2003 UCAP Meeting were approved as written.

3. Comments from the Chairperson:
        No comments were offered.
4. Comments from the Assistant Provost:
        June Youatt commended Steve Dilley for taking on his new role as the UCAP representative to the University Athletic Council.
5. Request for Moratorium on admission to B.S. Degree in Geophysics: UCAP considered a moratorium on admissions to the B.S. degree in Geophysics. After being assured that provisions will be made for the three students already enrolled in the program, a motion to approve the moratorium passed unanimously.

6. Request for General Requirement Change for All Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the School of Music: UCAP considered a proposal defining the School of Music’s "Policy on Combining Jazz and Classical Applied Studies." Cynthia Taggart, a Professor in the School of Music, explained that the new policy would require students who combine jazz and classical private lessons to pass an audition in both areas. A motion to approve the change was passed unanimously.
7. Update from the Academic Integrity Sub-Committee: Sub-Committee Chair Patricia Mullan distributed a report to the committee, outlining the sub-committee’s efforts to gather information from all university units concerning current XF and Honor Code policies. She also shared with UCAP a draft of a survey to be given to instructors, titled "Needs Assessment: Proposed Academic Integrity Policies." The proposed survey is designed to determine the number and severity of academic integrity cases at the university, as well as to gauge the impact of any new XF or honor code policies.
        Discussion followed on several aspects of the report. Mullan suggested that an "overwhelming priority" of the sub-committee is to put in place a centrally-located policy on academic integrity. June Youatt noted that the current policy is now a part of three different University documents: 1) the General Student Regulations, 2) the Academic Freedom Report, and 3) Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities. She suggested that there is a need to bring together these campus policies on academic integrity in order to avoid the possibility of "multiple interpretations of policy." This is now a charge for Assistant Provost Youatt.

        Other UCAP members offered questions and suggestions aimed at improving the proposed survey: Had there been student input? How can an "Honor Code" be defined? Would it be possible to insert a question into the survey relating to the use of written syllabi?

        Chairperson Behe commended the members of the sub-committee for their exemplary work on this issue.
8. Round Table: The following issues were raised:

a. A suggestion was made that the University might single out faculty with excellent syllabi or academic policy statements for some sort of award or commendation.
b. Rod Phillips and Cynthia Taggart provided a brief report from the Importance of Teaching Sub-Committee. Thus far, the group’s efforts have centered on updating University policies on syllabi and attendance.
c. A suggestion was made for a faculty tutorial on syllabi development.
d. June Youatt alerted committee members with an interest in academic integrity to an upcoming Lilly seminar on managing the security of the test-taking environment being offered November 19.
      The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Rod Phillips