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2004 - 02/26

UCAP Meeting of 02/26/2004


agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy

Meeting of Thursday, February 26, 2004
10:15 a.m., Board Room, Administration Building

1. Approval of Agenda (10:15)

2. Approval of Minutes of the February 12, 2004 meeting (10:20)..........(Attachment)

3. Comments from the Chairperson (10:25)

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost (10:30)

5. Admission Requirement Change in Composition and Music Theory (10:35)..........(Attachment)

6. Academic Integrity (11:00)

7. Grade Inflation Subcommittee Report (11:25)

8. Repeat Policy Discussion (11:30)

Please phone or E-Mail Robin Pline (353-5380; if you cannot be present and send a substitute in your place.

Attachments: February 12, 2004 Minutes
Composition & Music Theory Materials

minutes status: approved

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UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 02/26/2004

Approved 3/18/04
University Committee on Academic Policy
February 26, 2004
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Henry Beckmeyer, Bridget Behe (Chair), Tom Bird (for Chris Wheeler), Betty Cheng, Ernest Drake, Jeremy Hernandez, Jennifer Hodges, Tim Howes, Tom Morse (for Bhalsod Bhavisha), Folu Ogundimu, Georgia Padonu, Rod Phillips, K. Ramesh, Sharon Senk, Gordon Sly (for Cynthia Taggart), Alexander von Eye, Dan Weber

Others Present: June Pierce Youatt, Assistant Provost; Curtis Olson, Associate Director – School of Music

Members Absent: Janet Bokemeier, Patricia Mullan, Helene Pazak, Maija Zile

1. Agenda for February 26 was approved.

2. Minutes of February 12, 2004 were approved.

3. Comments from the Chairperson: Behe asked the members who will be here next year to think about the possibility of taking on the chair position for UCAP.

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost: Youatt indicated that the pilot testing of electronic SIRS approved by UCAP will go forward this spring. The planned review of the ombudsman will commence in a few weeks. Provost proposals will begin coming to this committee soon. Some recommendations may be ready in 2 weeks for our meeting March 18th.

5. Change in Admission Requirement for Composition and Music Theory:
        Curtis Olson addressed the committee about a proposal to include portfolio review for admission to the Music Theory program. After discussion, a motion was made to support the change in program. Motion carried.
6. Academic Integrity Subcommittee Report: There was discussion on the uses and function of an “XF” grade which could be assigned when it is determined that a student should be awarded a failing grade based on academic dishonesty. Discussion included the ways in which the XF grade might be removed, and under what conditions. The discussion will continue, with a goal of having a joint recommendation between UGC and UCAP by the end of the semester.

7. Grade Inflation Subcommittee Report: The draft report was nearly complete and should be distributed for the next meeting.

8. Repeat Policy Discussion: A faculty member asked UCAP to discuss the current policy on students repeating courses. Under current policy, a student must receive a grade lower than 2.0 to repeat a course. Concerns arose in the Associate Deans meeting about potential increases in student numbers for selected courses, in some instances required for a program or major, that may have substantial numbers of students desiring to repeat a course to improve their standing. UCAP discussion concluded that, while this concern is likely one for select courses, no policy action was warranted at this time.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.