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2004 - 09/16

UCAP Meeting of 09/16/2004


agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy

Meeting of Thursday, September 16, 2004
10:15 a.m., Board Room, Administration Building

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes of the September 2, 2004 meeting..........(Attachment)

3. Comments from the Chairperson

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost

5. College of Osteopathic Medicine Proposed Class Size Changes..........(Attachment)

6. Organizational Realignment of Food Science and Human Nutrition..........(Attachment)

7. Roundtable discussion

Please phone or E-Mail Robin Pline (353-5380; if you cannot be present and send a substitute in your place.

Attachment: September 2, 2004 Draft Minutes
Osteopathic Medicine Proposal
Food Science & Human Nutrition Proposal

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 09/16/2004

Approved 9/30/04

University Committee on Academic Policy
September 16, 2004
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Lauren Beach, Henry Beckmeyer, Steve Dilley, Jeremy Hernandez, Jennifer Hodges, Helen Mayer, Folu Ogundimu (Chair), Sharon Pocock, Ralph Putnam, Kurt Stirewalt, Cynthia Taggart, Peter Tomchuck, Alex von Eye, Maija Zile

Others Present: June Pierce Youatt (Assistant Provost), Dale Ramsos (Coordinator, Nutritional Sciences), Gale Strasburg (Acting Chair, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition), Lorraine Weatherspoon (Advisor, Dietetics)

Members Absent: Renee Canady, C. Kurt Dewhurst, Yadav Gopalan, Rebecca Henry, Rodney Phillips, Karthik Prasad, Sharon Senk

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m. The agenda was approved.
Minutes of the September 2, 2004 meeting were approved as distributed.
Comments from Chairperson: The Executive Committee of Academic Council (ECAC) has decided to table amendments to the code of teaching responsibility pending further review by the University Committee on Student Affairs (UCSA).
Comments from the Assistant Provost: In 2006, MSU will be reviewed for NCA re-accreditation. CIC schools are subjected to a so-called special-emphasis review, in which roughly half of the review concerns compliance with guidelines and half with progress on a special area of emphasis. Our area of emphasis is internationalization. Assistant Provost Youatt then raised two issues for future discussion. First, should students who have taken advanced-placement (AP) courses in high school be given the option to take the courses that would otherwise have been waived by these AP credits? Second, should the assessment plans that accompany curriculum program changes be formally reviewed prior to granting the changes?
Proposed organizational realignment of the Department of Food Sciences and Human Nutrition: Strasburg, Ramsos, and Weatherspoon spoke on behalf of the proposal to realign the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, which is currently aligned with and jointly administered by the Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) and Human Ecology (CHE). They propose to replace CHE with the College of Natural Science (CNS) as a main administrative unit (jointly with CANR). The realignment is motivated both by perceived linkages with CNS and concerns related to the dissolution of CHE. They argue that CANR is the most natural home for Dietetics majors; whereas CNS is the most natural home for Nutritional Science majors. Youatt voiced concerns over the effective date (Spring 2005) and about having a single department with its students effectively split between two colleges. After much discussion, a motion was made to support the proposal but to express concerns regarding:
the conditional nature of the alignment of the Dietetics program,
that the lead college is not clearly articulated in the proposal,
the feasibility of the effective date, and
the need for a formal mechanism for student input and notification.
The motion passed unanimously.
ECAC memo regarding changes to class sizes in COM: The College of Human Medicine (CHM) recently sent a memo to the Provost regarding proposed increases in the size of classes offered by the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM). ECAC referred this memo to UCAP for consultation. Unfortunately, it was not clear what ECAC wanted from UCAP, and the proposal that it referenced was not included. After a brief discussion, a motion was approved to table any action on this item pending clarification from ECAC and receipt of the original COM proposal.
Round Table: Steve Dilly reported that the Conflict of Interest Rules, which were under review by the Academic Council, have been referred back to the Faculty Affairs Committee. Also, Hernandez notified UCAP of an upcoming conference on academic integrity.
Respectfully submitted,

Kurt Stirewalt

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