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2005 - 12/15

UCAP Meeting of 12/15/2005


agenda status: approved

University Committee on Academic Policy

Meeting of Thursday, December 15, 2005
10:15 a.m., Board Room, Administration Building

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes of the December 1, 2005 meeting..........(Attachment)

3. Comments from the Chairperson

4. Comments from the Assistant Provost

5. Final Report of the Working Group to Improve Undergrad. Educ.
(bring the report that was distributed for the December 1 meeting)

6. Student Semester Credit Load Policy..........(Attachment)

7. Moratorium on Apparel and Textile Design Program..........(Attached)

Please phone or E-Mail Robin Pline (353-5380; if you cannot be present and send a substitute in your place.

Attachments: December 1, 2005 Draft Minutes
Semester Credit Load Policy Material

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 12/15/2005
Approved 1/19/06

University Committee on Academic Policy
Thursday, December 15, 2005
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Simplice Boyogueno, Gene Burns, Renée Canady, Roy Fogwell for Dennis Banks, Richard Hallgren, Yen-Hwei Lin, Helen Mayer, Tony Nunez, Ralph Putnam (Chair), Kurt Stirewalt (Vice-Chair), Bruce Vanden Bergh, Keri Zolman,

Members Absent: Angela Allen, Rebecca Henry, Chukwukadibia Orji, Edmund Outslay, Alex Plum, Sharon Pocock, Pete Rossman, Sharon Senk, Alexander von Eye

Others Present: Linda Stanford (Assistant Provost and University Registrar)

Guests Present: Sally Helvenston, Suzanne Sontag

1) Meeting called to order and agenda approved at 10:15 a.m. with an adjustment in the ordering of items to accommodate guests in attendance.

2) Minutes from the December 1, 2005 UCAP meeting were approved.

3) Comments from the Chair: Chair Ralph Putnam reiterated the importance of sending a replacement in cases where you are unable to attend the meeting. Please notify Robin Pline of the name of faculty member attending in your place.

4) Comments from the Assistant Provost: Linda Stanford attended in the absence of June Youatt who is attending the CIC meeting on international studies at Ohio State University. No additional comments at this time.

5) Apparel Textile and Design (ATD) Moratorium: Linda Stanford provided background on the university definition of a moratorium and provided a context for previous decisions related to moratoria. The guests from ATD, Drs. Helvenston and Sontag provided comments on the submitted moratorium and emphasized their disagreement with the requested action. The ensuing discussion addressed various points including planning for options other than the moratorium, administrative transition plans, alternative options, and implications for current and future students. Following the dismissal of the guests in attendance and additional discussion, the committee acted on the request as submitted in the following motion:
      MOTION - To support the request for inactment of a moratorium for the ATD program, effective Spring 2006 until Spring 2007.
So moved by Tony Nunez and supported by Richard Hallgren.
MOTION failed (4 in favor, 8 opposed)

Committee then acted on the following motion:
      MOTION – To approve a moratorium for the ATD program effective Summer 2006 to Spring 2007.
      So moved by Helen Mayer and supported by Kurt Stirewalt.
      MOTION passed unanimously.
Chair Ralph Putnam will draft a memo to the provost regarding this action and including the following committee concerns: short notice to faculty as set forth in the original motion, the small number of students who will be affected by the action, increase in time permitted for administrative action, concern for the sustainability of a program with only one regular faculty member, and the need for programmatic adjustments.

6) Final Report of the Working Group to improve Undergraduate Education: Following a review of the original charge of the work group, UCAP determined that we are unable to comment on the report in its current form. Chair Ralph Putnam will draft a response memorandum including the following concerns: the practicality of the recommendations, lack of clarity regarding the quantitative literacy recommendations, absence of conciseness and clarity in the report overall, lack of clarity in report conclusions.

7) Student Semester Credit Load Policy: The committee acted on request from ECAC initiated by faculty memorandum requesting limits in credit load enrollment. Following discussion, the committee determined existing policies addressed these concerns and that no additional action was needed.

8) Round Table: No additional comments from committee members. Dr. Stanford commended the committee for its thoughtful management of the moratorium request, stating that the committee’s handling of this matter reiterated the importance of UCAP as a part of governance.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Renée Canady