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2006 - 11/30

agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy
Meeting of Thursday, November 30, 2006
10:15 a.m., Administration Bldg. Board Room

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of the November 9, 2006 Meeting.
  3. Comments from the Chairperson
  4. Comments from the Associate Provost
  5. Academic Scholars Program.................................................................... (Attachment)
    Guest: Ronald Fisher, Ph.D., Dean, The Honors College
  6. Selection of Liaison to University Committee on Liberal Learning..........(Attachment)

    6 A. Extension of Moratorium on Admission to Women's Studies BA Program..........(Attachment)
  7. Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics....................(Attachment)
  8. Religious Observance Policy Subcommittee – Revised Proposal
  9. Academic Dishonesty Grade Marker – Revised Proposal
  10. Subcommittee updates
    Undergraduate Assistants Subcommittee Report
    Fall Break Subcommittee
  11. Roundtable

Phone or e-mail Sandra Walther (353-5380; if you cannot be present. Please remember that you are asked to send a substitute from your college.

      November 9, 2006 Minutes
      Memo: Academic Scholars Program Request to Make Permanent
      Letter from APUE Requesting Selection of Liaison
      Extension of Moratorium on Admission to Women's Studies Bachelor of Arts Program
      Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics materials from ECAC

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 12/14/2006

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 11/30/2006

University Committee on Academic Policy
Thursday November 30, 2006

Members Present: Renée Canady, R. Sekhar Chivukula, Peter Cobbett, Doug Estry, Richard Hallgren, Yen-Hwei Lin, Helen Mayer, Ralph Putnam, Daniel Roth, Brandon Sethi, Mike Shields, Jon Sticklen, Paul Turner III, Bruce Vanden Bergh, Alex von Eye, Connie Zheng, Keri Zolman Members Absent: Dennis Banks, Folke Lindahl, Philip Moon, Antonio Nunez

Others Present Ronald Fisher, Dean of the Honors College
Lynmarie Posey, Faculty Coordinator of the Academic Scholars Program
  1. Agenda was approved with one addition of agenda item 6a, Request to approve a moratorium for the Women Studies Program.
  2. Minutes for November 9, 2006 were approved.
  3. Comments from the Chair
    a. Do substitute members on UCAP have the right to vote? Bi-laws will be reviewed and clarification of this will occur at the next meeting.
    b. How many of the UCAP members are able to make it to the December 14 meeting? Everyone in attendance indicated they were able to attend the December 14
    th meeting
  4. Comments from Associate Provost
  5. Academic Scholars Program
    Under review by UCAP to be approved as a permanent program on campus.
    Ronald Fisher, Dean of the Honors College, described the intent of the program as background information. The Program was originally instituted as a pilot program in 2001 and in 2003 it requested an extension of the program. They are now asking for the Academic Scholars Program to be a permanent program at MSU. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Lynmarie Posey, Faculty Coordinator of the Academic Scholars Program, responded to the questions of the committee members.

    Committee members unanimously approved a motion recommending that the Academic Scholars Program be made permanent.
  6. Request to extend the moratorium on the Women’s Studies Program
    The Women’s Studies Program currently has a moratorium on their program because they are in the process of developing a new curriculum and do not want to admit any new students until the new curriculum has been approved by UCC.

    UCAP members noted some discrepancy in the end dates for the extension of the moratorium. The current request extends the moratorium to Fall 2007. If necessary, the Women’s Studies Program will request another moratorium.

    Recommendation of the request was approved unanimously.
  7. Selection of Liaison to the University Committee on Liberal Learning (UCLL)
    UCAP has been requested to select an ex-officio liaison for the UCLL. Ralph Putman asked that interested members submit their names to him by the December 14 meeting.
  8. Religious Observance Subcommittee Report
    The committee is close to a revised version of their proposal. Ralph Putnam will pull information together and send it out for review at the next meeting.
  9. Academic Dishonesty (AD) Grade Marker Subcommittee Report
    The committee has not had a chance to meet since the last meeting; therefore no revised proposal is available.

    Further discussions of the concerns raised at last meeting included:

    Acting Associate Provost Estry spoke with Scott McMillan about the logistics of recommendations made for AD marker. It was mentioned that the most effective place to report AD in the electronic student file.

    The idea of a 0.0 grade assigned in a course due to AD, to continue to be calculated in student’s cumulative GPA even after course has been repeated will be difficult to implement in the current computer system.

    One recommendation in the subcommittee report was that a hold be placed on a student’s registration when an instance of academic dishonesty occurs, preventing the student from dropping the course until the issue is resolved. Dr. Estry pointed out that when a hold is placed on a student’s record it is on the entire record, not an individual course. If a student drops a course due to AD before a grade is issued, the professor may place the student back in the course. Professors are also able to issue grades before the end of a semester; they simply need to contact the registrar’s office.

    Three technical issues with regard to reporting AD:
    a. where in the system should the marker be placed
    b. if student is assigned a 0.0 grade, we want it to remain in the calculated GPA
    c. if student is accused of AD, how do we keep student from dropping the course

    Subcommittee will present a revised proposal at the December 14
    th meeting.

  10. Subcommittee updates
    Undergraduate Assistants:
    Subcommittee has reviewed information from other Universities and has considered such issues as: expectations, selection process, orientation/training, evaluation of undergraduate assistants, supervision, compensation of workload, inappropriate relationships and confidentiality. The subcommittee has drafted a set of policies and guidelines, which ahs been circulated among subcommittee members and employee relations. Members of the subcommittee will be meeting with representatives from employee relations and will bring draft policy and guidelines to UCAP at a future meeting.

    Fall Break Subcommittee:
    Subcommittee members commented on the complexity of moving forward on making a decision about the viability of establishing a fall break. Members have divided up the work of gathering additional information by consulting with residential life, DPS, the registrar’s office, and the ombudsman.

  11. Roundtable: No comments

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50am

Respectfully submitted by Helen Mayer