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2006 - 12/14

agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy
Meeting of Thursday, December 14, 2006
10:15 A.M., Administration Bldg. Board Room

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of the November 30, 2006 Meeting.
  3. Comments from the Chairperson
  4. Comments from the Associate Provost
  5. Request for an Extension to the Moratorium on Admission to the BS....(Attachment)
    Degree in Geophysics
  6. Selection of UCAP representative to the University Committee on Liberal Learning (UCLL)
  7. Religious Observance Policy Subcommittee – Discussion..........(Document to be sent separately)
  8. Academic Dishonesty - Discussion...........(Attachment)
  9. Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics – Discussion..........(Attachment)
  10. Subcommittee updates
    Fall Break Subcommittee
  11. Roundtable

Phone or e-mail Sandra Walther (353-5380; if you cannot be present. Please remember that you are asked to send a substitute from your college.

Attachments: November 30, 2006 Minutes
Request for Extension of Moratorium on Admission to the BS Degree Geophysics
Establishment of Category “Academic Dishonesty Probation” 12_11_06
Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics materials from ECAC

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 01/11/2007

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 12/14/2006

University Committee on Academic Policy
Thursday, December 14, 2006

Members Present: Dennis Banks, Renée Canady, Peter Cobbett, Doug Estry, Richard Hallgren, Yen-Hwei Lin, Folke Lindahl, Helen Mayer, Tony Nunez, Ralph Putnam, Daniel Roth, Brandon Sethi, Jon Sticklen, Bruce Vanden Bergh, Alexander von Eye, Connie Zheng, Keri Zolman.

Members Absent: Sekhar Chivukula, Philip Moon, Mike Shields, Paul Turner III

1. Agenda (approved)

2. Minutes for November 30 were approved with deletion of the second sentence of the second paragraph under #6 (Request to extend moratorium for Women’s Studies).

3. Comments from the Chairperson
      a. Ralph Putnam thanked the committee for a productive semester.
      b. According to the by-laws, substitute members cannot vote in this committee. Ralph Putnam will check with ECAC to see if UCAP can make a special rule to allow substitute members to vote.

4. Comments from the Associate Provost
      Doug Estry thanked the committee for the work this semester.

5. Request for an extension to the moratorium on admission to the BS degree in geophysics
This would be the third time the moratorium is extended. The Department of Geological Sciences hopes to hire one or two more faculty members who may have an interest in revitalizing the program; if not, the program will be removed.

With the understanding that this would be the last renewal of the moratorium, the committee unanimously endorsed the extension.

6. Selection of UCAP representative to the University Committee on Liberal Learning (UCLL)
      Sekhar Chivukula was unanimously selected as UCAP’s representative to UCLL.

7. Religious Observance Policy
A revised version of the subcommittee’s proposal that incorporated Sekhar Chivukula’s email suggestions was distributed at the meeting. The committee provided further suggestions for revision and decided that the proposed policy should focus on the students with no reference to the policy applied to faculty and academic staff. The subcommittee will present another revised version for the next meeting.

8. Academic Dishonesty
      The subcommittee proposed the establishment of a tracking system and a systematic set of consequences for repeated violations.

      The committee’s discussion covered the following issues: (i) whether or not the penalty of suspension for the second offense is too harsh and too rigid, (ii) whether or not flexibility in a range of penalties and/or a mandate for the formation of the hearing board for the second offense is more desirable, (iii) the need to streamline the current cumbersome judiciary process that tends to discourage reports of violations, (iv) what constitutes the offense that gets reported.

The committee generally supported something along the line of clear delineation as proposed by the subcommittee, but there was no consensus as to what extent the consequences should be. More discussion is also needed regarding (i) what constitutes an offense, (ii) the issue of streamlining the judiciary process, and (iii) the separation of policy and implementation.

9. Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics
Discussion is postponed to the next meeting. In the meantime, Dennis Banks will take it to the Athletic Council for opinions.

10. Fall Break Subcommittee
There is no new report.

Meeting adjourned at 11:59 am

Respectfully submitted by Yen-Hwei Lin