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2007 - 09/27

agenda status: approved


University Committee on Academic Policy
Meeting of Thursday, September 27, 2007
10:15 a.m., Administration Bldg. Board Room

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the September 13, 2007 Minutes
  3. Comments from the Vice Chair
  4. Comments from the Associate Provost
  5. Proposal to Split the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
    Shawnee Vickery, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Research..... (Attachment)
    The Eli Broad College of Business
  6. Religious Observance Updated........ (Attachment1, Attachment 2)
    Ralph Putnam, UCAP Vice Chair
  7. Academic Dishonesty: Subcommittee review -
    History; 06-07Approved Actions; 07-08 Objectives; Discussion
    Peter Cobbett, Subcommittee Member
  8. Roundtable: All Other Business
Phone or e-mail Sandra Walther (353-5380; if you cannot be present. Please remember that you are asked to send a substitute from your college.

    September 13, 2007 Draft Minutes
    Proposal Split Dept of Marketing_Supply Chain Mgmt 9-07
    Rel Obs Provost Ltr
    Memo ECAC~RELOBS Policy 2_23_07

minutes status: approved

approved at meeting of 10/11/2007

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 09/27/2007

University Committee on Academic Policy
Thursday, September 27, 2007

Attendees: Rania Badin, Dennis Banks, Matthew Caramagno, Peter Cobbett, Marty Crimp, Doug Estry, Richard Hallgren, Caroline Hartig, Linda Jackson, Carolyn Loeb, Helen Mayer, Matthew McKeon, Jerry Punch, Ralph Putnam, Michael Schechter, Michael Shields, Jim Smith, Amanda Venettis, Chris Wenstrom

Absent: R. Sekhar Chivukula, Thomas Volkening

The Agenda was approved.

Minutes from the 9/13/07 meeting were approved.

Comments from the Vice Chair

Vice Chair Putnam reported that President Simon and Provost Wilcox discussed the impact of the State of Michigan budget impasse at the most recent Academic Council and Faculty Council meetings. If State government shuts down due to lack of a budget, the University is set up to continue, although State grants will be affected.

Comments from the Associate Provost

Associate Provost Estry reported that the MSU and Dubai representatives signed an agreement for instruction of MSU classes in Dubai to begin fall 2008.

Associate Provost Estry reported that he is reviewing all current programs with grade or grade point average restrictions as well as minutes from the last 8 years where these issues were discussed. He will provide a recap of current University practice and a history of committee actions regarding such requests at a future date.

Proposal to Split the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Shawnee Vickery, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Research, Eli Board College of Business

The committee unanimously granted voice to Associate Dean Vickery.

Associate Dean Vickery reported that the decision to pursue a split of the current department into Department of Marketing and Department of Supply Chain Management stems from a recommendation from the Marketing alumni board. One factor in the recommendation was for Marketing to establish a more visible, “branded” presence in the academic community. Associate Dean Vickery pointed out that common practice in business schools is to have separate departments of Marketing and of Supply Chain Management. In her recommendation, she indicated that the proposed split would have no effect on undergraduate programs but would benefit the Marketing group by increased visibility, establishment of a unique identity, and advance its mission. She indicated that most of the faculty in the department are supportive of the action and foresees no change in collegial relations of the two groups.

Associate Dean Vickery stated that, although the undergraduate courses will be relabeled, the majors have always been separate. In addition, faculty review for tenure, faculty research and publications are separate, so the split is primarily about allowing the Marketing group to develop its own identity.

Vice Chair Putnam stated that the request to review came from the Executive Committee of the Academic Council. UCAP is to forward its recommendation based on whether this proposal might negatively affect the undergraduate programs. He suggested that, based on the tenor of the discussion, UCAP recommend the departmental split.

The committee, foreseeing no impact on undergraduate programs and potential benefits in terms of program visibility and recruitment of students and faculty, unanimously endorsed the proposal.

Religious Observance Update
Ralph Putnam, Vice Chair, UCAP

Vice Chair Putnam provided the history of the committee’s work on religious observance:

Approximately two years ago, an ASMSU bill requested strengthening of the religious observance policy. The main concern voiced by the student bill is current practice by some faculty of using a blanket policy for absences to cover absences for religious holidays.

Vice Chair Putnam pointed out the major change in our proposal was that instructors are NOT allowed to include religious observance in a blanket absence policy. Last year, UCAP’s policy proposal was forwarded to ECAC, where Faculty Council members raised concerns causing it to be returned to UCAP for review. Faculty Council’s concerns centered on the following issues:
    • Allowing additional absences, an instructor discriminates against those who are not religiously observant, giving preferential treatment for religious reasons.
    • Use of the word “must” rather than “should” in the proposed revisions infringes on the rights of faculty to determine their own attendance policy.
    • The impracticality for instructors to provide make up labs, etc., putting too much burden on the instructor to accommodate the policy.
UCAP has the following options for dealing with the returned policy recommendation:
    • send back to ECAC without revision
    • review and revise the current proposal for return to ECAC
    • start over

Associate Provost Estry stated that current religious observance policy applies to students and faculty. Separating student policy from faculty policy was discussed in the past but feedback indicated they had to be the same.

Dr. Hallgren referred to a Teaching Assistant Program document (appendix b, page 8 and 9) written by Kevin Johnston is an excellent example of clear and simple language regarding religious observance policy.

Vice Chair Putnam suggested that enough issues were raised to warrant creation of a subcommittee to review the proposal and suggest a simpler policy, including recourse for students. Matt Caramagno and Rania Badin volunteered to work with Dr. Putnam on this subcommittee

Academic Dishonesty: Subcommittee Review
Peter Cobbett, 2006-07 UCAP Academic Dishonesty Subcommittee Member

Dr. Cobbett briefly reviewed the history of UCAPs discussion from last year. This included a review of flowcharts showing the recommendation from the 2006-07 Academic Dishonesty subcommittee, pointing out that UCAP marginally passed the recommendation in the April 26, 2007 meeting with the request to reexamine in the 2007-08 UCAP meetings. Key points of the subcommittee proposal:
    • It covers any instance of academic dishonesty
    • It doesn’t try to define academic dishonesty
    • It sets up a process for academic integrity education and sanctions for instances of academic dishonesty.

Committee discussion produced agreement that a policy on academic dishonesty should:
    • Include a way to trigger the system when there is an instance of academic dishonesty that is less than enough to fail the course.
    • Provide a clear, practical way to track instances of academic dishonesty.
    • Require that multiple offenses trigger an automatic review or action.

Vice Chair Putnam agreed that he would provide, in collaboration with Chairperson Chivukula and Dr. Cobbett, a 2-part proposal for committee consideration at the October 11 meeting:
      1. Changes that we think could be made quickly and
      2. Recommendation of members for a group to continue to consider the issue.

Dennis Banks provided the following Athletic Council Report

The MSU Athletic Council (AC) met September 6, 2007 at the Henry Center. Rick Comley, Ice Hockey Coach, was the guest coach. After approval of minutes and election of committees chairs, a UCAP report was given by Banks and an AD report by Mason. Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) Mike Kasavana presented data on graduation rates for student athletes broken down by team and ethnic background as required by NCAA. The Big Ten drug testing institutional policies were distributed and discussed. Additionally, NCAA sports participation data were presented for all schools across divisions. The Coalition for Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) recently prepared a white paper calling for reform on athletic programs. AC and the FAR were asked to comment to ECAC on the white paper. Finally, spring 2007 grade reports and trend analysis were reviewed for each varsity sport.

Marty Crimp suggests further discussion of graduation with honors grade point cut-offs. Queried whether students are provided ongoing feedback on grades, class rank, etc.

Richard Hallgren will provide a document regarding Undergraduate Instructional Aides for consideration in November.

Meeting Adjourned 11:50 am

Respectfully submitted by
Sandra Walther