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2012 - 12/13

UCAP Meeting of 12/13/2012


agenda status: approved



University Committee on Undergraduate Education


Thursday, December 13, 2012

10:15 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.



443 Administration (in the Provost’s office suite), 4th Floor, Administration Building



  1. Approval of the Agenda (Action Item)
  1. Approval of the October 18, 2012 UCUE Minutes (Action Item)

  2. Comments from the Chairperson

  3. Comments from the Associate Provost for Academic Services

  4. Grief Absence Policy for Michigan State University Students (Discussion Item)
    Ad Hoc Committee on a Grief Absence Policy for MSU Students

  5. Roundtable

minutes status:  approved

approved at meeting of 01/10/2013

UCAP Minutes for meeting held on 12/13/2012

University Committee on Undergraduate Education


Thursday, December 13, 2012

10:15 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Boardroom, 401 Administration Building



Attending:       Eric Aronoff, Zarena Aslami, Mark Axelrod, Emily Bank, Henry Beckmeyer, Jan Brady, Laura Dillon, Seung Hyun Kim, Richard Miksicek, Coretta Patterson, Ron Perry, Matt Pontifex, Linda Stanford, Cynthia Taggart, Mark Tran


Absent:            Nicole Dandridge, Justin Droba, Doug Estry, Fred Fico, Chris McClain, Anne Rabello, Lynmarie Posey, Ashton Shortridge, Sarah Stachura, , Ryan Sweeder Abraham Wheeler



The Agenda was approved.


Minutes of the October 18, 2012 meeting were approved.


Comments from the Chairperson

Chairperson Dillon made no comments.


Comments from the Associate Provost for Academic Services

Associate Provost Standard reported that the University Curriculum Committee is looking at the issue of minors versus specializations in order to clear up inconsistencies in adherence to the policy of double counting 12 credits in a minor. They will also look into the level of external recognition of minors versus specializations.


Grief Absence Policy for Michigan State University Students

Ad Hoc Committee on a Grief Absence Policy for MSU Students


Chairperson Dillon remarked that the subcommittee sought feedback on the Draft Grief Absence Policy report distributed prior to the meeting and guidance on next steps.


Associate Provost Stanford suggested that the best way to present a solution is to prepare a draft policy supplemented with the rationale behind it. After endorsement by UCUE, the package goes to The Steering Committee for distribution to appropriate governance committees for review and feedback. Dr. Stanford added that it would be better to endorse one policy option and present other possibilities in the rationale.


Committee discussion centered on the following issues:

·         How to communicate new policy to students and faculty

·         Reporting process must be easy, handled with one email or phone call

·         Timelines for notification and response

o   Appropriate documentation

o   Appropriate time off, possibly suggest a minimum but not provide a maximum in the policy

·         Reporting path

o   Need to link grief policy with code of teaching responsibility – Item 2E mentions syllabus and attendance policy. It is up to the instructor to decide whether the absence affects a grade.

·         Centralization of reporting

o   Dr. Stanford suggested the Office of the Registrar with student access to reporting through stuinfo

o   to be consistent, receive documentation, track any abuses of policy, work with faculty


Associate Provost Stanford encouraged the committee to look at academic programs or Spartan Life for examples of policy. She also suggested that the subcommittee consult with the University Registrar and the VP of Student Affairs for input in policy formulation.


A suggestion was made to circulate the next draft of the grief absence policy earlier so that questions could be forwarded to the chairperson prior to the meeting.



A question was raised about MSU having a central office that considers the use of technologies such as surveys conducted through mobile technology for real-time assessment of student learning. Veterinary Medicine is using the Lecturetools application for in-class survey responses. Lecturetools requires registration of all devices prior to accessing the application. Dr. Stanford suggested consulting Associate Provost for Libraries and IT Services, David Gift.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by

Sandra Walther