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2014 - 03/13

University Committee on Undergraduate Education
Thursday, March 13, 2014
10:15 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
Board Room, 4th Floor Administration Building

1. Approval of the Agenda (Action Item)

2. Approval of the February 20, 2014 UCUE Minutes (Action Item)

3. Comments from the Chairperson

4. Comments from the Associate Provost for Academic Services

5. Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Five-Year Review (10:30 am)
        June Youatt, Acting Provost

6. Request for New Minor in Environmental Policy and Practice (Action Item)
        Steve Kautz, College of Social Science

7. Option to Declare a Major at 28 Credits (Action Item, Policy Change, Catalog Text)
        Cynthia Taggart, Chairperson

8. Roundtable

minutes status: approved

approved as amended at the March 27, 2014 meeting

UCUE Minutes for meeting held on  3/13/2014

University Committee on Undergraduate Education


Thursday, March 13, 2014

10:15 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Boardroom, 4th Floor, Administration Building


Attendees:       Henry Beckmeyer, Jan Brady, Rita Kiki Edozie, John Gaboury, Bradley Hammond, Amanda Holmstrom, Rob LaDuca, Chris Melde, Richard Miksicek, Debra Nails, Helene Pazak, Jason Porter, Lynmarie Posey, Frederick Rodammer, Evan Schrage, Cynthia Taggart, Abraham Wheeler   


Absent:            Christopher Baldwin, Laura Dillon, Doug Estry, Mitchell Goheen, Renata Opoczynski, Coretta Patterson, Matt Pontifex, David Schweikhardt, Anita Skeen, Veronica Thronson


The agenda was approved as amended by adding the words, (Action Item) to agenda item #6 Request for New Minor in Environmental Policy and Practice.


The Minutes from February 20, 2014 were approved as amended.


Comments from the Chairperson

Chairperson Taggart asked Debra Nails to present changes on the Academic Freedom Report at an upcoming UCUE meeting.  Chairperson Taggart reported that the mid-semester feedback survey went out to tenure stream faculty and would be going out to non-tenure stream faculty as soon as the approval is granted.  She also stated an upcoming agenda item is that the Zoology Department is requesting a new name. 


Comments from the Associate Provost for Academic Services

Associate Provost Gaboury sat in for Associate Provost Estry.  Associate Provost Gaboury indicated to the UCUE that he is impressed with their work and their efforts to improve the undergraduate environment.


Comments from Acting Provost June Youatt

Acting Provost Youatt spoke to UCUE indicating Dr. Estry’s 5-year review was complete and she thanked the UCUE for their participation in the review.  Chairperson Taggart asked that a formal job description be created for the position of Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, since this would assist a review group in the future as well as provide guidance for those hoping to pursue such a position in the future.  Acting Provost Youatt agreed that it would be helpful to have a position description.


Request for a New Minor in Environmental Policy and Practice (Action Item)

The committee unanimously granted voice to Steve Kautz, Associate Dean, College of Social Science and Igor Vojnovic, Associate Professor, Department of Geography.

After an in-depth discussion, the new minor is being renamed to reflect the correct name of the minor eliminating the word “policy”.  Additional documentation and more departmental signoffs are needed before the UCUE will review this Request.  The item was tabled until the next meeting on March 27, 2014.

After a discussion, voice was withdrawn from Steve Kautz and Igor Vojnovic.

Option to Declare a Major at 28 Credits (Action Item)

The option to declare a major at 28 credits was discussed, and various UCUE members indicated they received very positive responses supporting this option from their departments.   One Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs indicated that his college has only one full time advisor and if the option is approved, will need to request funds to hire an additional advisor at the department level. 

Discussion ensued about, if the option was approved, when and how it would it be implemented.  The implementation date would be Fall Semester, 2015 and it would be up to individual colleges to educate their staff.  Also, if approved, the option would be discussed at academic orientation.

The University Committee on Undergraduate Education has duly considered and endorses the Option to Declare a Major at 28 Credits.


Rob LaDuca suggested that, when changing the names of minors and courses, due to the fact that the number of course offerings and the number of interdisciplinary programs continues to expand in the University, UCUE should carefully review each one to make sure it is not confusing for students and advisors. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am.

Respectfully submitted by Lynne Frechen