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2016 - 03/17


University Committee on Undergraduate Education


Thursday, March 17, 2016

10:15 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Board Room, 4th Floor Administration Building



  1. Approval of the Agenda (Action Item)


  1. Approval of the February 25, 2016 UCUE Minutes (Action Item)


  1. Comments from the Chairperson


  1. Comments from the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education


  1. Request to Add an Admission Requirement to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial Science (Action Item) (Doc 1)  (Doc 2)  (Doc 3)

Albert Cohen, Specialist, Mathematics

Bruce Sagan, Professor, Mathematics

Kevin Clinton, Professor, Mathematics

Brian Chadwick, Specialist, Mathematics


  1. Request for a Moratorium on Admission to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Global and Area Studies – Social Science (Action Item)

Steve Kautz, Associate Dean, College of Social Science


       7. Code of Advising Responsibility (Discussion Item)

Shannon Burton, Assistant Ombudsperson


        8. Roundtable

Status of 3/17/2016 Minutes:  Approved